Changing the mixer tap seal

If the line is still dripping when the tap is fully closed, it may make sense to replace the seal. How it works and what you need to do is explained in our detailed guide in this post.

Dripping faucets

A broken tap on the mixer tap is often the cause of a constantly dripping faucet. The resulting costs can - especially in hot water - in the long run quite high, a repair is so worthwhile in any case.

In our example, we would like to show you how you can change the seal on the faucet, the so-called valve disc, yourself. In other cases, you may need to replace the fitting and attach a new one.

Other causes

Completely installed faucets

Replace the valve disc - Step by step

    • New seal
    • Pliers

1. Shut off the water

Turn both the angle valve (clockwise!) And the main shut-off valve off. So you can be completely sure that no more water is running. Check again if there is really no water pressure left.

2. Access to the seal

Pull off the handle of the faucet. The fasteners may vary depending on the model, but are usually easy to find and to solve. Do not use force.

3. Replacing the gasket

Loosen the nut on the old valve disc and remove it. Insert the new valve disc and tighten the nut again. Before that, you can immediately clean all the parts of the faucet that are accessible to you right away. Mount handle, turn on water and check function.

Tips & TricksOn the one-hand mixer, there is a simple trick to quickly calm down a dripping tap: Just loosen the attachment of the faucet below the sink a little and turn the entire tap lightly. Most of the time the drop will stop by itself.
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