How much does a finished cellar cost? Price list for quick orientation

Price lists for prefabricated cellars are usually based on the desired square footage, the prices are within a certain range for most providers. With the help of such a list, you can determine your approximate costs beforehand.

You should pay attention to the cost estimate!

The costs for the excavation are variable, for a normal sized family house they can be good land quality at about 4000 to 5000 EUR.

Rocky soil often requires the use of explosives, while a water vein on the property must first be drained. This can lead to significant additional costs.

Price lists are usually valid for prefabricated cellars in standard heights, which are approximately between 2.25 m and 2.40 m. If you want to have a higher cellar, you pay a premium.

Calculate regional price fluctuations and of course the price differences between the different providers. Our price table only gives guideline values ​​for the first orientation.

Prefab cellar 80 sqm, complete version: approx. 30,000 EUR

  • Prefabricated cellar 80 sqm, expanded version: approx. EUR 25,000
  • Prefabricated cellar 80 sqm, co-built version: approx. EUR 18,000
  • Prefabricated cellar 120 sqm, complete version: approx. EUR 40,000
  • Prefabricated cellar 120 sqm, expanded version : approx. EUR 34,000
  • Prefabricated cellar 120 sqm, co-built version: approx. EUR 25,000
  • Price example for a prefabricated cellar

Our example project is the 120 sqm prefabricated cellar of a single-family dwelling. The basement has a standard height, the ground is easy to work.

Price overview

Price1. Excavation excavation
5.000 EUR2. Complete cellar
40.000 EURTotal
45.000 EURDetailed search!

Look at price lists from different providers and compare them exactly. Pay particular attention to any extra items that are included in other offers in the price. A detailed price comparison saves so many euros!

Tips & Tricks Have you already considered a possible partial basement? A partial basement saves costs and is tailored in size and distribution exactly to the needs of the client. So get heating system, washer and dryer for a reasonable price well.

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