How much is the piano transport?

A move is a big deal in itself and requires a lot of planning and preparation. The cost issue is also in the room. Things get interesting when you need to transport special items, such as a piano or a grand piano. Because such an instrument is not only bulky and usually quite heavy, but represents a high material value, in many cases, an ideal, think, for example, an heirloom. It is therefore advisable to deal intensively with the topic of piano transport. Last but not least, one wonders what the transport could cost.

Piano transport made easy

If you want to move and save money, you can do it in the do-it-yourself process with the help of friends and relatives. However, if a piano has to be transported during this move, you should not shy away from the costs of moving with a company. You do not have to entrust the entire household with the moving company, there are companies that specialize in the transport of grand piano and piano. These can be found with a few mouse clicks on the Internet. This is urgently recommended for insurance reasons. However, the prices vary a lot, it is advisable to obtain comparative offers.

What does the transport cost and where can you save?

To save on relocation, you can contribute your own contribution. To save on the piano transport, you can actually only drive over the rail price comparison. There are very good price comparison calculators for piano transport on the internet. As a rule, the price depends on the route and the floors. Example: Piano, about 1.30 m high, distance 50 kilometers, from the ground floor to the second floor. It is offered: 100.00 euros base price, 1.50 euros per kilometer = 75.00 euros for the ride, plus 35.00 euros per floor = 70.00 euros. This piano transport would come to a total of 245.00 euros. With costs on this scale, own transport with all handicaps and dangers is really no longer up for debate.

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