How a strip foundation can be calculated

Immediately beforehand: you can not carry out the calculation of a strip foundation yourself, it is up to a civil engineer, usually the structural engineer. Here, however, you can read about how to proceed in the calculation of a strip foundation, and what plays a role.

The statics of buildings

In structural engineering, a fundamental distinction is made between building loads and traffic loads. Building loads arise from the structure itself, its walls and the roof, while traffic loads are caused by the load on the building.

The quality of the soil also plays an important role in the calculation of strip foundations - depending on its load-bearing capacity, foundation strips are usually made wider or less wide.

Step by step to the parquet floor

  • Drawing material
  • Tables for structural engineering
  • Civil engineer or structural engineer
  • Calculation and drawing tool

1. Analysis of the construction plan and the soil condition

At the very beginning of the professional calculation is a analysis of the building structure: what is the roof condition, where are the bearing walls, how big is the building.

Afterwards the soil quality will be evaluated accordingly. Berechnung 2. Calculation of the building loads and the traffic loads

First, the building loads are calculated - that is, the weight of walls, roof and other components at the individual points. For this purpose, an exact plan of the building must be available.

The required width and density of the individual foundation strips can then be derived from the values ​​for the construction loads and traffic loads. Planung 3. Planning of the reinforcement

The reinforcement of the foundations is also decisive for the reinforcement. If the width and density of the foundations are determined, the optimum reinforcement can be calculated from this. Erstellen 4. Creating a foundation and reinforcement plan

At the end, the structural engineer then draws up a corresponding foundation and reinforcement plan, which must be kept exactly during construction.

Tips & TricksIf you yourself want the foundations for a small garden house, for which there is no foundation plan or build a simple, small garage, there are a few simple rules: Put the foundation strips below the planned exterior walls into the frost-free area (ie about 80 cm deep), and make them not less than 50 cm wide, with wider walls necessarily down to wall width. For the reinforcement of most of such structures, ordinary reinforcement baskets suffice. If in doubt, always contact a structural engineer to be sure.

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