How to shorten your wardrobe

Your wardrobe does not fit into your new apartment? Or you want to shorten it for visual reasons a little? We explain when this is possible and what to look for.

In general, it is always easy to shorten a cupboard when standing on feet or on a pedestal. Proceed as follows:

  • Empty the cupboard and place it horizontally on the floor.
  • Mark on all four feet where you want to cut and saw off the corresponding part. Prob Try the cabinet and check that it does not wobble. Then lay it down again.
  • Sand off all feet with sanding paper. If one foot was a bit higher than the others, you can sand down a bit more here.
  • Then use a spirit level to check that everything is straight. Zum It is advisable to put some felt under your feet at the end so that they do not scratch the floor.
  • It is not advisable to cut the cabinet beyond the feet.
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