Removing water stains from the sofa

If there are water stains on a sofa, there is not one right tip to remove them. Due to the variety of reference and material types can be achieved with the same methods and means very different results. However, there are a number of common ways that help in most cases.

Always test first

The biggest difference between upholstery and upholstery in poster furniture is between leather and textile fabrics. Synthetic leather is treated much like leather. For the removal of water marks from the couch, the manufacturer's instructions should be followed. Delicate suede may often only be treated with special products. Die Compared to water spots on the car seat, most sofas on a couch are less resistant. Therefore, for each cleaning method, a test run should be advanced in a hidden place to check for the effects on color and textures.

Just dab and never rub

Generally speaking, all types of sofa covers rub hardly or not at all. No matter which remedy is applied, rubbing must be taboo for removal. Either the corresponding spots are dabbed, which can also be done with an additional moistening or they are sucked off.

It is important to ensure absolute cleanliness of the dabbing aid or the vacuum cleaner nozzle. Even the slightest dirt causes more damage than water marks. As an aid, the following common auxiliaries and cleaning agents can be tried out on the principle of "trial and error":

1. Distilled water

Dab, leave to soak and wipe off several times after drying. Fenster 2. Window cleaner

Spray on, leave on and dab with clear water.

3. Salt

The salt, which is especially known for removing red wine stains, can also help with water stains. The basic principle is the "absorption" of the liquid residues. Similar to a red wine stain, the salt is sprinkled on the moistened and stained surface. After a contact time of about one hour, the salt is sucked off. Mineral 4. Mineral water

Only in the case of coverings with a low tendency to soak, very tingling mineral water is sprayed onto the stain. After exposure, the sofa is spotted dry. Wasch 5. Detergent

For textile coverings, a teaspoon of conventional detergent can be stirred in water and the water spot is dabbed.

Tips & Tricks Use as polka dot tools as light and color-neutral designs as colorless white washcloths or light brush bristles.

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